Event ROI Calculator

The event ROI Calculator is designed to quickly compute the economic value of a specific meeting or event.  The economic value of a meeting or event can most simply be defined as the economic benefits of the building (i.e., convention center), plus the economic benefits to the city (i.e., tax revenue, jobs, etc.).  Our Event ROI Calculator gives you a 360° view of potential meetings or events in your pipeline.

Rockport’s Event ROI Calculator uses all local information to ensure the impacts reported are accurate and actionable.  We use local per diem delegate spending, sourced from DK Shifflet & Associates, your city’s local tax code, and your city’s trade flows data (IMPLAN) in your customized calculator. The tool can be used to answer difficult questions like:

  • Should we take this meeting? Does it meet minimum standards? Can we do better?
  • How much will the city gain from this event? The State?
  • Are concession demands worth it? How much can we afford to give away to win this event?
  • Should the convention center take a meeting with bad site economics but good ROI for the city?

The calculator has been developed with the help of IT experts, meeting & event planners, DMO executives and convention center sales staff to assure it meets the needs of all potential stakeholders.

We would love to show it to you.  Please call us or fill out the form below to schedule a demo!


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