Market Analysis & Forecasting

A 360° view of the marketplace is key to understanding your organization’s market potential.  Rockport’s analysts have a wealth of experience in helping top destinations, associations, travel suppliers, meeting planners and travel managers plan for the future.

Rockport utilizes market information and econometric analysis to support planning in a number of key areas:

Economic Forecasting

Travel and Tourism is a function of a number of variables including household wealth, macroeconomic drivers, the economics of competitive destinations and many other factors.  We can help you to plan for visitation to your destination by modeling these key drivers against historical levels of visitation and spending in your destination.  Further, we can look at these metrics against key market segments like leisure and business travel, frequent travelers or affluent travelers.

ROI Analysis

How effective is your marketing program in generating revenue for your organization?  We can model how your marketing endeavors contribution to your bottom line.  More importantly, we can assess your mix of marketing programs to determine which one are underperforming.  This is critical in order to optimize your marketing spend towards the right channels and to the right consumer targets.

Additional expertise includes:

  • Destination Choice Analysis
  • Price Elasticity Modeling