The Proposed Expo 2023 in Minnesota Would Bring in Net-New Visitor Expenditures of over $900 Million

September 9th, 2016 |

The return of the World’s Fair to the U.S. would have a significant economic benefit both nationally and in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region.  A recent study conducted by Rockport Analytics estimates that over 12 million people would attend the 2023 Expo over a 90-day period.  This includes 1.2 million from the local market; 4.6 million form the regional market; 5.3 million from the national market; and nearly 1 million from international markets.  Net new expenditures from visitors in to the area would total $921 million and operation spending would total $432 million.  Visitation to the Expo would support a projected $409 million in tax receipts and nearly 22,000 jobs.  Learn more.