Consumer Insight

Having a deep understating of consumer perceptions and is imperative to any marketing program.  The diversity of consumer needs, demographics and motivations must be understood in the context of your organization’s marketing strategy.

Our services can help you to uncover the key consumer trends that lead to enhanced market opportunity.

Going Beyond Demographics

Understanding the demographics profile of a target audience or your customer base is a logical first step.  However, when positioning a brand, trying to gain market share or designing a product it is key to understand the values, interests and opinions of your target audience or customer base.  Rockport Analytics has significant experience in conducting attitudinal and psychographic research to help uncover motivations that are not readily apparent using observation or simple data analysis.

Customized Solutions

We do not provide one-size-fits-all research solutions.  We design our research around the environment in which your organization operates.  Our understanding of the travel & tourism marketplace, coupled with our knowledge of research design and analytics, uniquely positions us to act as a key strategic partner to your team.

Data-driven Insight

Decision making based on sound data is paramount to any successful marketing or business venture.  We support decisions by employing data from a multitude of sources: custom research, syndicated studies, historical third-party research, publically available datasets and internal databases.  The ability to synthesize these data sources and generate key insights is critical to success in the consumer marketplace.