Products & Services

Rockport’s primary focus is using data-driven insight to support both the strategic and tactical goals of various different stakeholders in the Travel & Tourism industry.  We aim to make market information more available, relatable and actionable to our clients.  Further, our expertise in the industry helps us understand your key business issues as well as the proper approach to attack them.

Our areas of focus include:

Economic Impact Assessment

Tourism makes a significant contribution to jobs, tax revenue and added value of any economy. Let us quantify those benefits to your destination and help you to tell the story. Learn more.

Consumer Insight

Market research can help you gain a deep and powerful understanding of consumer motivations and the complex consumer marketplace. Let us partner with you to realize your full market potential. Learn more.

Market Analysis & Forecasting

Applying analytic rigor to market information provides powerful and revealing insight. Our work can help you plan for the future, fulfill strategic goals and exploit market opportunity. Learn more.

Custom Survey Research

Well-designed survey research & analytics can provide a wealth of information in a multitude of areas. We can help. Learn more.