The 2015-2016 Orange Bowl Led to a Net Economic Contribution of Over $100 Million in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale-Palm Beach MSA

July 27th, 2016 |

An estimated 80,000 visitors came to South Florida for 2015-16 Orange Bowl events and activities.  This included nearly 70,000 game attendees, as well as media personnel, team members and support staff from the Clemson and the University of Oklahoma.  Total direct 2015-16 Orange Bowl expenditures reached $101.9 million.  The Capital One Orange Bowl College Football Semi-Final (COOB) and related events made up 80% of the total at $81.7 million, including $75.8 in visitor expenditures and $5.9 million in operational expenditures.  Orange Bowl Festival Events added another $17 million (17%), including $16.5 million in visitor expenditures and nearly $500,000 in operational expenditures.  And all other OBC events and activities made up the remaining 3% totaling $3.2 million.  Total spending resulted in a total net contribution of over $106 million to South Florida Gross Domestic Product (GDP), sometimes referred to as gross metro product.  These findings are a result of a study conducted by Rockport Analytics to measure the net economic contribution of the 2015-16 Orange Bowl events and activities to the Miami-Ft Lauderdale-Palm Beach MSA. Learn more.